Back in the dim and distant days of Spring, we applied for some emergency Arts Council funding. Well, we’re very happy and relieved to be able to tell you that we got the funding. Now we’d like to tell you about the first part of our action for the rest of 2020.

Links to the individual events and tickets are below the article.


Monthly storytelling workshops and a six-month course

Hone your storytelling skills with Tom Hirons at Hedgespoken’s workshops and courses 

As the first part of our 2020 plans, Hedgespoken is delighted to bring you a series of workshops and the first of our longer storytelling courses, all online, to hone your skills as a storyteller, whether you’re just beginning or have already trodden some miles in the peculiar boots of a tale-teller. Full details of all the workshops and courses are on the individual pop-ups, so click through at the bottom of the page to find out more. We hope that we’ll see you through the peculiar lens of the Zoom-screen soon, and keep your eyes open for the second part of our 2020 offerings, too!


For some years now, Tom has been hosting a storytelling workshop for all-comers at festivals and fairs, covering as much of the things that he’s learned down the years as he can fit in, aimed at enabling and emboldening new storytellers as well as helping those already telling tales to hone their skills. It's always been well-received and we feel that the workshop has something valuable to offer.

And so, given that we shan't be sitting around any fires this summer save for our own hearth-fires, we're offering this workshop in an online form. Numbers for each workshop will be limited to 10, and it should last about three hours. We'll be running the workshop monthly for the rest of this year!

Note - this is the same workshop, run every month. If you’re looking to dive even deeper, have a look at the Hedgespeaker six-month course below.

Thanks to our Arts Council funding, we are offering three fully-funded places for this workshop on each of the dates. Priority for those places will be for people from travelling cultures, refugees and migrants, but anyone who would like a place and can't afford it is welcome - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like to apply, with a brief message about why you'd like a free place. For everyone else, the cost of the workshop is £75.



For those who’d like a deeper immersion, we’re running our first ever longer course, too. In Hedgespeaker, Tom will be exploring as much as he can of the arts and craft of good storytelling, which will involve three long sessions over six months.

Again, there are free places available on this course, also prioritising people from travelling cultures, refugees and migrants, so This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if that sounds like you. The cost of the course for others is £250 and we think it’ll be quite unlike anything else you’ve experienced and worth every penny.

For full details of this course, click below. There are a very limited number of places, so do book soon if you’d like a place. Expect to be ushered beyond your comfort zone with kindness and - while there is no shortcut to becoming a good storyteller - we believe you’ll emerge from the course with a clearer sense of what you’re up to, a bolder tongue for telling and a few ways of working with stories that might just unlock some of their magic in your relating. 

The course will begin at 6.00pm on Sunday 16th August.




Praise for Hedgespoken

“A magical inspiration on wheels”

“Absolutely brilliant performance last evening.....storytelling at its very best!”

“Thank you for bringing a place like this into the world, a place for stories and music and pictures and magic and wonder. It brings joy to my heart knowing you’re here.”

“Absolutely amazing – thank you!”

“Utterly enchanting – I loved every minute.”

“My grandson will remember the magic of this night for the rest of his life.”

“Magic of a real, old, golden kind.”

“Oh! What suspense, what laughs, what horrors! Hedgespoken wove a tale of adventure and wonder tonight and we're full of it, can't stop talking about it.”