Iron-Brow and Thorn-Coat

“When the sea-foam is red at the end of the Earth, only then will you see me again ~ until that time, you will wander the world and all that you touch will turn to iron...”

Once upon a time, there was a forest... 

In the forest, strange changes can take place. There may be kings and queens and princesses and witches, and common folk going about their business, not to mention all the animals. A lot is going on. Love can be found, and lost, and found again. There’s talk of the farthest sea, of a desert of fire beyond the forest, but these are probably just rumours...

Once upon a time, there was a forest... 

Hedgespoken Travelling Storytelling Theatre presents IRON-BROW AND THORN-COAT, our retelling of the classic Lithuanian folk-tale. Steeped in old magic and half-familiar memories, this is an astonishing tale of transformation, love and talented hedgehogs, featuring:



Storytelling - Tom Hirons
Puppetry, maskwork, foolery - Helen Aldrich


Louis Bingham & Griselda Sanderson

Artistic direction and production - Sarah Vigars
Performance direction and puppet direction - Howard Gayton
Design and artistic direction- Rima Staines

Puppet-carving - Rima Staines and Sarah Vigars (with assistance from Jan Zalud and John Roberts)
Mask-carving - Jan Zalud
Writing and story development - Tom Hirons


Suitable for all story-lovers age 5+ 

Thus far, we have shows booked at the following times and places:


Studio 1, Dartington - April 12th/13th - preview shows

Sharpham Summer Open Day - June 30th, 2pm

Buddhafield - storytelling all through the festival (17th-21st July), then Iron-Brow and Thorn-Coat at 3pm and 7pm on Saturday 20th July

The Woodland Presents, Dartington - August 2nd (7pm show, then feasting!) and August 4th (3pm matinee show)

West Town Farm, Ide, near Exeter - August 10th (3pm show and 7pm evening show)

The Assembly Rooms, Glastonbury - October 24th (7.30pm)


Tickets for Hedgespoken shows:



Photographs from the preview shows at Dartington, April 2019, by Lard Galloway

Praise for Hedgespoken

“A magical inspiration on wheels”

“Absolutely brilliant performance last evening.....storytelling at its very best!”

“Thank you for bringing a place like this into the world, a place for stories and music and pictures and magic and wonder. It brings joy to my heart knowing you’re here.”

“Absolutely amazing – thank you!”

“Utterly enchanting – I loved every minute.”

“My grandson will remember the magic of this night for the rest of his life.”

“Magic of a real, old, golden kind.”

“Oh! What suspense, what laughs, what horrors! Hedgespoken wove a tale of adventure and wonder tonight and we're full of it, can't stop talking about it.”