About Tom

Tom Hirons of HedgespokenBorn and raised on the Suffolk-Norfolk border in East Anglia, Tom Hirons is a storyteller and writer, leatherworker and acupuncturist. He is author of the poem Sometimes a Wild God. Generally furious about the brutalised world, he is calmed most effectively by walking, by the deep greenwood and by true words spoken.

Tom's written work can be read on his website and can be bought in the Hedgespoken shop or by using the buttons below.

Photo by Franci Donovan-Brady, 2016

About Rima

Rima Staines of Hedgespoken

Rima Staines was born in London in 1979 to a family of artists, and has worked ever since painting waymarkers to the otherworld. Her work and fascinations occupy a world infused with story and old magic and a love for a liminal, wild and wheeled life. The Hedgespoken truck is her third wheeled home, and the building of Hedgespoken fulfils many of her long-held dreams of creating travelling wonder-shows, puppetry and wayside magic, not to mention the deep joys of sharing this life with her growing family.

As well as painting, her cabinet of varied artistic work also encompasses puppet-making, music, puppetry, stop-frame animation, book crafts, clock-making and theatre design, as well as published illustrations in books and magazines. Her paintings have been exhibited in the UK, France and the USA, and hang in private collections worldwide.

You can see Rima's work at rimastaines.com and buy prints and orginals in the Hedgespoken shop or by using the buttons below.

Photo by Juliette Mills, 2015

Praise for Hedgespoken

“A magical inspiration on wheels”

“Absolutely brilliant performance last evening.....storytelling at its very best!”

“Thank you for bringing a place like this into the world, a place for stories and music and pictures and magic and wonder. It brings joy to my heart knowing you’re here.”

“Absolutely amazing – thank you!”

“Utterly enchanting – I loved every minute.”

“My grandson will remember the magic of this night for the rest of his life.”

“Magic of a real, old, golden kind.”

“Oh! What suspense, what laughs, what horrors! Hedgespoken wove a tale of adventure and wonder tonight and we're full of it, can't stop talking about it.”

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