It's hard to say what constitutes a show and what doesn't. Here are a few words about this year's uncanny offering, The Singing Bone, as well as the most recent show, The Castle of Melvales and the flyers for a few of the storytellings we did back in the days before the truck, before Hedgespoken existed...

The Singing Bone

Lowton Farm poster for The Singing Bone by Hedgespoken
The Singing Bone at Lowton Farm, April 2017
The Singing Bone - Hedgespoken's touring show for 2017
The Singing Bone - new for Summer 2017 (artwork by Rima)

Tickets for The Singing Bone are on sale now here

Beside a river grows a Juniper tree. By the tree, a shepherd unearths a bone and fashions a flute from it. The song of this bone flute forms the thread of this uncanny and beautiful story — the story of the youngest of three sisters, of her magical glass apple and silver plate and of what happened to her and the shepherd who plays her song on the singing bone flute.

The Singing Bone is a tale about truth and lies, about empowerment and faith. Powerfully resonant in an age of alternative facts, Hedgespoken are proud to bring this worldwide tale to a larger audience, through storytelling, masquerade and puppetry, song and immersive theatre. With echoes of the Grimm brothers’ tale and versions from Iceland, Russia and Pakistan, this new production from Hedgespoken for 2017 comes on the tail of sell-out shows at Dartington for their performance of The Castle of Melvales in December 2016.

Please note - The Singing Bone is a family show, but it's not aimed just at children - we believe in storytelling for our whole community. There is no swearing or gratuitous violence, but we urge you to exercise your judgement concerning little'uns - it's an old tale, and grizzly in parts, but we aim to enchant and captivate, not terrorise...


The Castle of Melvales

The Castle of Melvales by Rima Staines
The Castle of Melvales by Rima

I could tell you about the king’s sons – Valentine, Oliver and Jack, or about the king’s strange illness. I could tell you about the peculiar and hideous old men we encounter along the way. I could tell you about the Castle itself, and the ominous denizens of that strange and powerful place. Of course, I could tell you about the Golden Apples, I could tell you about bears and beheadings and adventures and queens and gypsies and all manner of excitements and curiosities…

The Castle of Melvales is based on a Welsh Gypsy story that I first came across a few years ago in a 19th century collection by Frances Groome, and then found again in Alan Garner’s (very fine) Book of British Fairy Tales. It is a peculiar tale, ringing with echoes of Parzival and wreathed with old magic.

It’s the journey of a young man who begins the tale as something of an idiot and ends it… Well, he ends it in style, with dancing – this much I can tell you without giving too much away. It’s gruesome in parts and defiantly transgressive in others. It’s suitable for all, so long as they don’t mind stampeding skeletal horses or a little bit of murder.

Old posters

Here are a few posters from older shows.

Poster for our show, Ivashko Medvedko (Little Ivan, Bear-Child) at the GalGael in Glasgow, 2012
Ivashko Medvedko (Little Ivan, Bear-Child) at the GalGael in Glasgow, 2012

Poster for our show, The Sun Princess and the Thirtieth Door, a Lithuanian folk-tale, in 2013
The Sun Princess and the Thirtieth Door, a Lithuanian folk-tale, 2013

poster for our show, Tales from the Wagon Steps, Devon, 2012
Tales from the Wagon Steps, Devon, 2012

A Feast of Fools - a Winter celebration in 2012
A Feast of Fools, Devon, 2012

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Praise for Hedgespoken

“A magical inspiration on wheels”

“Absolutely brilliant performance last evening.....storytelling at its very best!”

“Thank you for bringing a place like this into the world, a place for stories and music and pictures and magic and wonder. It brings joy to my heart knowing you’re here.”

“Absolutely amazing – thank you!”

“Utterly enchanting – I loved every minute.”

“My grandson will remember the magic of this night for the rest of his life.”

“Magic of a real, old, golden kind.”

“Oh! What suspense, what laughs, what horrors! Hedgespoken wove a tale of adventure and wonder tonight and we're full of it, can't stop talking about it.”

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